Product Code: Photoplotter



Machine Weight Approx. 24kg
Dimension (W x L x H (mm)) 350 x 700 x 200

This is a small raster photoplotter designed for users who need to make high quality film artwork at a low price and quickly on the spot. The film is fixed on the rotating drum. The laser diode moves step by step along the rotating drum. The movement is done by a stepper motor and ball screw spindle with sectional calibration on the software side. Also the rotating drum is stepper motor controlled.



- interactive, absolute or relative image positioning, film and drill panelization.

- D-code editing, output Preview & print.

- Gerber viewer, Automatic aperture converter for all known Electronic CAD layout systems.

- Negative plotting, image mirroring.

Machine Weight (kg) approx. 24kg
Maximum film size 400 x 320mm
Maximum plotting area 380 x 300mm
Resolution X 8 selections from 508 to 8192dpi
Resolution Y 8,600dpi
Plotting Speed 13mm of film width / minute for 1016dpi
Source of light Laser diode 670mm (red)
Data input Gerber (RS274D, RS274X), high resolution BMP
Photoplotter software included on CD
System requirement Windows 98, XP, 7 (USB connection required)
Unit dimension (W x L x H) 350 x 700 x 200mm
Power Supply External power supply 110V - 240V / 24V