First ever audio recoding of mars environment

Since the first invention of telescope. We have known the shape and colors of mars through the layers of glass. But we have never heard what is sounds like. but now NASA has released the very first audio clips recorded on the Red Planet. The Perseverance playlist includes the sounds of Martian wind, a laser zapping rocks, and the crunch of gravel under the rover’s metal wheels.

The perseverance rover landed on February 18, equip with two microphone among many others that are required to continue research on Mars. By this, for the first time ever we can hear what Mars sounds like.  

On March 2, this SuperCam microphone picked up about 30 clicking sounds, as the rover fired a laser at a rock about 3.1 m (10 ft) away. The differences in the sounds they produce can give scientists an insight into the structure and composition of those rocks.

NASA had only begun using the audio device but have contribute few insight of the environment, who knows what they may discovered in the near future. 

Hear the sound of the rover driving Click here

Source page : By Michael Irving (NEW ATLAS) , March 18, 2021, Click here