Miniaturize PCB Design - Innovating IoT Sensors

Virtual Training

Date: 29 – 30 July 2021 

By:  Mr. Krish, MITS Solutions Asia

9.30am – 4pm

High speed PCB design skill is critical to support today’s advanced digital era and explosive data communication needs. In conjunction to this, besides miniaturization trends, logic devices switching rise/fall times reduce significantly resulted in numerous huge interconnect challenges from circuit design up to PCB & system level. For example, Gigabit Ethernet (400 GbE). is a new generation wired communication standard supporting the project explosion in data traffic with the booming application of Internet of Things (IITO) and 5G mobile broadband. Electrical interface with 4 level pulse amplitude modulation (PMA-4) signaling over 8 lane is adopted to enable these huge high speed data transfer and bandwidth. This 3-day class provides insight on foundation of high speed design understanding & requirements, focus on layout best practices and introduction of practical industry electrical simulation tool with HSFF.

Upon completing the training you will be able to:

  •      *   Understand fundamental digital layout design issues.
  •      *   Cost effective design and layout without sacrificing signal integrity
  •      *   Cookbook design rules that ensure your layout will function properly
  •      *   Learn PAM4 protocol, requirements & design challenges
  •      *   Apply HFSS simulation using Ansys simulation tools
    •      *   Key concept such as transmission line & characteristic, impedance matching, termination, etc.

This training provides a comprehensive coverage of the essential high speed design knowledge and skill to accomplish success in latest state of art high speed system design. It is a 3 days interactive session which participants will build a solid foundation of knowledge, techniques and tools in this hands-on training session. Learning will be enhanced through addition of case studies review and discussion in group.  

Suitable for :

    *  Digital logic engineers and system architects

    *  EMC specialists

    *  Technicians

    *  PCB layout professionals

    *  IC designers

    *  Applications Engineers

    *  Engineering and project Managers

Outline  : 

  •      *   High-Speed Fundamentals
  •      *   Introduction to Signal Integrity & Power Delivery
  •      *   Review of PCB Interconnect Structures & Component of IC Packaging
  •      *   Transmission Line Concept
  •      *   Impedance Matching
  •      *   Termination Requirements
  •      *   Signal Return & Power/Ground, Stack Up Recommendation
  •      *   EMI Requirements
  •      *   Signal Modulation: PAM vs PWM
  •      *   PAM Design Challenges
  •      *   S Parameters, Return Losses
  •      *   Introduction to EDA tools, Ansys
  •      *   PAM Lab Modelling Exercises
  •      *   SI Measurement Technique