Auto Lab W

AutoLab W tool automatically changes up to 10 tool bits (20 tool bits optional) and it installs the spindle motor made in Japan, finely tuned and prevent run-out to the minimum. Tool change employs the electrical function without using the air compressor.

  • Features


    Optional equipments make it even easier to process

    This stabilizes the substrate tightly without causing twisting or warpage.

    The vacuum table option employs the porous resin which holds tightly in the whole area of the surface.


    Automatic Tool Change

    Tool change can be done automatically using up to 10 tools. (20 tool bits optional).

    Tool change can be done without any complicated action such as thread fastening.

    Standard camera monitoring system.

    Magnify the surface of the board and display on a monitor.

    You can easily adjust the right position while viewing display. Camera is also used for making double sided boards. The MITS Software has a built in function for aligning the bottom side of the board with high precision.

    (Maximum useful magnification depends on the size of the screen).


    Web Video

    Auto Lab W Demo : Demonstration video featuring our latest Auto Lab series automatic tool change prototyping machine.

  • Specficiations
    Auto Lab W
     Minimum pattern width (mm)  0.1 (4 mil)
     Minimum milling width (mm)  0.1 (4 mil)
     Working area (X/Y/Z) (mm)  400 x 365 x 45*6 (15.7″ x 14.3″ x 1.8″)
     Table size (X/Y) (mm)  490 x 490 (19.3″ x 19.3)
     Control axis  X, Y, Z
     Control motor  Stepper Motor
     Resolution (µm) *3  0.156 (0.00614 mil)
     Maximum Travel Speed (mm/sec.) *1  80 (3.15″)
     Spindle speed min-1 (rpm) Spindle motor  5,000 – 62,000 (model 60)
       5,000 – 62,000 (model 60)
       DC Brushless Spindle
     Drilling (mm)  0.2 – 3.175 (8 – 125 mil)
     Maximum drilling cycle (cycles/min.) *2  55
     Maximum thickness of processed material (mm)*4 30 (1.18″)
     Tool change  Automatic / 10 (20 tools by option)
     Milling method (Absolute)  No
     Milling method (Incremental)  Yes
     Compressed air (Mpa)
     Power consumption  100 – 240 V, 50-60 Hz, 150VA
     Machine dimensions W x D x H (mm)  635 x 643 x 430 (25″ x 25.3″ x 17″)
     Machine weight (kg)  Approx. 41 (90 lbs)
     Interface  One USB or one RS-232C port
     Standard equipment
     Fiducial positioning camera 30x (USB)*5
       10 Pieces Auto Tool Change
       Software: EASY CAD, Conversion & CAM
     Options and accessories  Tool Change 20 Ring-setter /
       Precision ring-setter (manual)
       Drilling ring
       Microscope 100x
       Vacuum cleaner
     Starter kit (Sold Separately)  Connecting Cable (RS232C / USB)
       Magnifying glass 10x
       Extension hose for Vacuum cleaner
      Tools: End mills - Drill bits - Router bits

    Scoring Pad
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